Sheesh is a health conscious brand committed to offering healthy and soulful food through quality ingredients and ethical cooking.


Our menu:

WRAPS: The concept is simple. We spread a spoonful of our famous hummus on every wrap you order to start with. You choose your meat, you choose your veggies, your extra sauces and then your choice of either home-style fries or yummy spicy potatoes.

Beef Shawarma: Tender Beef skewered layer over layer (48 of them) on one skewer in an upside down triangle roasted standing up. Why you might ask? Well it starts roasting at the fattest point first, which is the top, and the yummy juices of our special spices drip down slowly over the layers to keep it nice and flavorful till the last carve of meat.

Roasted Chicken: Whole chicken roasted till perfection in the oven just like grandma used to make it, but we shred it and re-roast it in its juices for that special touch.


Falafel (Vegetarian): Fava Bean and Garabanzo Bean patty lightly fried with a golden crispy shell and toasted sesame seeds.

And here come the Kabob Plates: Beef tenderloin Chicken breast, Kafta (ground beef with Lebanese spices) Beef Shawarma, and Roasted chicken Lamb Shank. All plates come with hummus, house salad, and rice.

Mezza, Sides and Salads: Tabbouli, Seasonal warm salad, Green Salad, Fava bean warm salad, Hummus, Mutabal (eggplant ), spicy potatoes, home-style potatoes, stuffed grape leaves, falafel patties with tahini, white rice with roasted vermicelli noodles, cooked burgul (cracked wheat), pickled beets and cucumber pickle salad, pita chips with tahini sauce.

Our Famous Lentil Soup can be ordered any day of the year, we also have our seasonal stew but that get announced daily just ask any of our staff... We do have healthy alternatives! Instead of white pita order the whole grain wheat pita. You don't want pita? No problem! Order it in a bowl! You don’t want white rice? Choose Burgul, it’s a natural cracked wheat and tastes just like rice but without the added calories.